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A critical analysis of slum tours: Comparing the existing offer in South Africa, Brazil, India and Kenya

This paper focuses on evaluating tour operators' websites with regards to their offer of slum tours in south africa, Brazil, India and Kenia. After an introductory background, the first chapter (chapter 2) focuses on the scientific literature pertaining to slum tourism. It is concerned with the origins of slum tourism, slum development and its links to tourism, as well as its denominations and definitions, its motivational perspective and prospects for tourism professionals. The next chapter (chapter 3) attempts to explain briefly the country specific backgrounds with regards to historical and political developments and, more importantly, with regards to tourism and slum tourism based on the existing literature. Chapter 4 comprises an analysis of tour operators' websites for each of the four countries based on tourism businesses in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai and Nairobi. The analysis will be based solely on findings from online content analysis. Finally, in the fifth chapter, findings for the four countries will be compared and differences and similarities in the scientific literature will be discussed in order to characterise and define the global existing offer for slum tourism.

Auteur(s) Klepsch Linda
Université ULB - IGEAT
Date de parution 2010



" Directeur : A Diekmann "